• Resident lives in a licensed facility, permits aging in place.
  • Resident may receive full assistance with ADL’s.
  • Resident may be semi-independent and may require the assist of one person for transfers or to evacuate the facility.
  • Resident may receive assistance with medication or have medications administered by a nurse.
  • Resident receive general nursing care from facility staff.
  • Resident must be free of communicable diseases that could be transmitted to others through the normal course of activities.
  • Resident receives 24 hour individualized personal and health-related services, 7 days a week.
  • Resident may receive home health services through individual contract with a home health agency.
  • Resident participates in developing a service plan.

For more information about Type 2 assisted living, please visit the Health Facility Licensing, Certification and Resident Assessment Bureau of the Utah Department of Health.

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